Bad ass Lucky
Charms, Living on
The Blockchain.
Impacting you IRL
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create your own luck
Choose to be lucky
There is a Luck factor in everyone.

Let’s face it: most significant events of our destiny happen by what we call luck. From the magic of our DNA to the encounter of the most cherished creatures of our life, randomness seems to be central to the universe, and our little human condition doesn’t break the rule:

Luck is what makes like itself.

Yet, hoping for luck to happen is not enough good fortune is a state of mind. A posture. A way of navigating throw life events. And therefore, creating our own luck is the highest manifestation of being alive.

The blockchain is a miracle. A stunning and perfectly organized system that can not lie. But how could it be so perfect without that fertile chaos that made it even possible? What world would it allows without chance?

Lucky charms are part of the mystic human psychology. Encrypted or not, they give us the faith and courage to create, notice and act upon chance opportunities.

Introducing The Lucky Bones, stunning 3D animated lucky charms, living in the ETH blockchain, craving to help you trigger your own luck in real life.

We're building the community, the tools & ecosystem digital creative have been dreaming of, Web3 first
Try our First Utility Pre-Mint
First, a stunning art …

We couldn’t imagine ourselves dig into web3 with an ugly design. Sleek esthetic & great experience is central to The Lucky Bones value proposition. This is where a lot of our energy goes, actually.It is also the best way to attract the crowd we are interested in:  people that take design seriously.

In everything we do, expect design to be at the center of each decision and action.
Utilities truly... useful!

More than the beautiful community of creatives & the strong branding, we are really excited about 3 brand new utilities we are cooking for you:

• Satellites products: We (co)create, launch & monetize Web3 tools and share the revenue with you.

• Collectives: We build & grow healthy collectives of professional creatives, crypto-fueled first.

• The Fund: We (co)invest with you in creative humans, not companies. Still sharing revenue with holders when possible.
Did you say creatives?

Humans are addicted to creation. And our community abuse of that sin. Designers, 3D animators, developers, illustrators, videographers, and other beautiful minds are people you can meet within the Lucky Bones tribe.
Our main intention is to nurture and grow the community of creatives we have been dreaming for ourselves: authentic, fun, knowledgeable & full of opportunities.

Lucky Roadmap

Hello Lucky

• Invite only Discord
• First sneak peek
• What the Hell are we about: intention & vision
• Official Lucky Bones reveal

Hit the Road

• Launch of our first satellite product: The Lucky Wheel
• First collabs
• Worldwide meet-ups
• Virtual events
• Worldwilde treasure hunt
• Summer christmas for community

Oct. 11th
Let's Mint Baby

• The Lucky Original, our Genesis Collection.
• Free Mint
• 777 Items
• The Lucky Cockpit Tool

Let's get started

• The Lucky Bones Collection
• Rewards for holder
• Merch
• First official event
• Monetization & first revenue sharing of The Lucky Wheel
• Premium partnership for premium gift in The Lucky Wheel
• Launch of the Lucky Tracker utility (3rd satellite product)

Choose to be lucky
Create our own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create our own luck
Choose to be lucky
Create our own luck
Choose to be lucky
Choose to be lucky
Choose to be lucky
Choose to be lucky
Discover The lucky team
A Team of Creatives Folks

Most of us met by luck. But also thanks to our love for beautiful design. We have been working together on many digital projects for the past 10 years. And each pixel of the web design, mobile apps, platforms or websites we have built has always been fueled with tons of love, fun, and gratitude. You will also notice that we are all french… So we share that funny accent you will love to hear during our AMA. And if you truly want to know, yes indeed, we eat a lot of baguette; it’s not a legend. But more than everything, if you have to remember one thing about us, it is that we are jumping on this journey with the strong intention to help you create your own luck, one NFT at a time …

He’s the guy behind The Lucky Bones. We found Bruno Agency 10 years ago and worked with world class brands and startups around the world. Feel free to ping him in discord!
NFT Expert
Our NFT expert enthusiast. He's already been dreaming and eating NFTs for many months. He is in charge of our utilities. First and foremost, he knows how to make people shine. He’s probably one of the most attentive person.
Chief of Fertile Chaos
From the community development to the go to market strategy, Jordan is the Crazy Monkey Mind of the team, creating fertile chaos to create our own luck.
Creative Illustrator
Probably the most creative person I know. I have worked with her for 5 years now at our Agency Bruno and she’s incredibly talented. She’s the person behind The Lucky Bones style.
3D Artist
Our 3D magician artist. You have probably already seen one his work. He turns everything in gold. I have worked with him for a couple years and I’m always so impressed by his talent. More than that, he’s humble. It’s rare to be notified.
Motion Artist
Our master of animation. Arthur is incredible, he works with famous French actors, singers and brands (Vincent Cassel, Orelsan, Nike…). He can create any animation in just a second. Our lucky monster.
3D Artist
Ariane is a 3D artist coming from the fashion world, she models the wardrobe and accessories of the Lucky Bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your mint informations?

Date: October 11th
Supply: 777
Price: Freemint

Roles: Anyone with WL, OG, Freemint, and Airdrop roles will keep the same roles for both collections.

Key points: Holder from The Original Collection will be Freemint for The Lucky Bones Collection and could have access to Lucky Cockpit (our next web3 tool).

What's the Lucky Original Collection?

Obviously our little Franklin is the kind of perfectionist. You know, the kind of persons that takes hours to choose the perfect outfit find the right clothes, the best guardian angel, the best vehicles… and, most importantly, choose his lucky charms at the Luckyland! That’s why he needs a little more time to get ready.

So, we first decided to create a genesis collection: The Lucky Original.
It’s the first lucky collection of 777 wardrobes to prepare you to create your own luck!  Each item of this mini collection could be used to customize your Lucky Bones. Then our Lucky Bones Collection will be revealed later this year.

Is there another collection?

Yes, The Lucky Bones Collection will be revealed later this year.

Supply: TBA
Price: TBA
Date: Q4 2022

Roles: Anyone with WL, OG, Freemint, and Airdrop roles will keep the same roles for both collections.

Who are The Members of The Lucky Bones ?

Who are The Members of The Lucky Bones ? Many of us are digital creatives, working as entrepreneurs, developers, game designers, web designers, videographers, or indie makers. We also have many people that do not work in a creative field but have rainbows in their minds every day. Some of us also do not consider ourselves creatives but still appreciate the environment and the quality of the art. 

But most of all, the community is full of people believing that they can create their own luck, waiting for the next opportunity to jump on and provoke their destiny!

What is this Satellite Product thing ?

An entire world of tools and applications need to be invented for the Web3. As builders and product people ourselves, we are really excited to dig into this opportunity and (co) create the new generation of tools and products that will make the web3 fun and easy to use.
Our first focus is on tools that allow the community to be better managed and entertained. This is why we built The Lucky Wheel, a stunning wheel of chance where you have to connect your wallet to play. 

Most of these tools will be monetized, and a part of the revenue will be shared with the holders. 

We also truly plan to involve the community in the
process of building this product and even co-create some of them together.

Why should I Care?

If you are a creative person or simply if what you saw so far is resonating with you in a way or another, then joining The Lucky Bones tribe will make tons of sense, mainly for 4 reasons:

It’s a club: We strongly believe that having the right crowd around is the best ingredient to trigger your own luck. Creative and curious minds will enjoy the benefit of being part of that tribe. Once in there, the goal is simple: getting the right context, the right people, and the right opportunity so you can create your own luck!

It’s an investment: A big part of our plan is to (co) build, launch & monetize many different web3 products and share the revenue with our holders. Just like The Lucky Wheel, for example. Holding your Lucky Bones NFT gives you access to that passive income. If we succeed, you succeed.

It’s a brand: What’s interesting about a brand is really what it allows you to tell about yourself… We are putting a lot of energy into building a solid brand with core values that you can still adopt and use as you wish.

It just attracts you: Sometimes, it’s irrational: you love it and can’t honestly explain why. From the beautiful design to celebrating luck as part of our human condition, having a Lucky Bones as your digital lucky charm may be the smartest decision you take this year. Wanna make a bet?

Do we truly believe in luck ?

Yes. We do. But it’s a choice. We choose to be lucky. Do you ?

Do we eat 🐌  as frenchies ?

Some of the team members do. Yeah… Sorry…

How can I collaborate with you ?

Fill in that form my lucky bones.